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Monday, December 3, 2012

Turn your iPhone into a GoPro

Between Samsung and Apple they pretty much have the smart phone thing rockin but nobody is making much in the way of accessories for anything but the iPhone so I have to jump on board the iPhone train.  Not that I will be getting a iPad and losing the Galaxy-no way yo.  Mainly the camera accessories are getting better and better and here is just one of the top players in the biz.  This case is bomb proof and water proof-though not for SCUBA, and on top of it all it has a built in wide angle lens to enhance the range of the iPhones stock camera.  This case comes ready to mount on a tripod or on the go pro mounts on helmets and what not.  Basically it is turning the iPhone into a GoPro and with the solid state hard drive they are running in the iPhone I'd say it can take the abuse.  But as usual be aware of the cheap knock offs, So check it

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